Glasdrum: The Mist Murderer

I published this blog about the Mist Murderer a year ago, and my self-published thriller, Glasdrum, which features that mountain serial killer is now one year old, has 82 top Amazon reviews and was the 4th best-selling fiction in the Highland Bookshop, Fort William in 2017. Lovely birthday presents for my book! I’m so grateful to everyone who has bought and reviewed it.

Ben MacDui, Britain’s second highest peak, was shrouded in mist when my fourteen year old daughter and I set off to climb it.

Neither of us were hill walkers – this was a new activity. We had been drifting apart, as mothers and teenage daughters do, and when we weren’t apart, we had been mostly shouting at one another… as mothers and teenage daughters also do. A monthly hill walk was going to be fresh air, exercise and quality time together (take a guess which of us was the keenest, lol)

The weather couldn’t have been worse: winds of 60mph were forecast in the afternoon, meaning the summit was likely to be a bit dangerous (‘exciting’), it was raining and the mist was so heavy we could barely see five metres in front of us. ‘What jolly good fun,’ I said with a cheesy grin, as we plodded upwards though…

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