Writing and Blogging

Blogging for the last month has been tremendous fun. I’ve got a lot off my chest and I’m delighted at the lovely feedback I’ve had. It’s motivated me so much.

Getting to grips with Twitter has been interesting – once I got over my stranger-fear. Highlights were being retweeted – twice – by Saira Khan, and being followed by the Unmumsy Mum, both women I admire. They were small but significant achievements – not to mention that WordPress tells me the blog has been viewed in an astonishing 49 different countries. Holy shit! This interweb thing is amazing.

However – blogging is addictive. I’m checking my site statistics on an hourly basis (that’s a lie, I check way more often than that),  I’m constantly composing new posts in my head and all my writing time is being taken up with the blog.

And my third novel is calling me. I’ve re-started my 5-7am writing regime, which is a killer but it’s the only timeslot I have, and the other day I felt compelled to get up at 4am so that I’d have an hour to work on a blog post before I started work on the novel. My deathly pallor, thumping headache and grumpy demeanour made me realise I can’t go on like that.

So, while Bodies in the Water is being read (ignored) by agents, and The Murder of Donald MacDonald is being read and edited by a professional, I am working on the sequel to Donald, provisionally called Back to Boglashin. Set in May 2016, it’s another tale of four women going about their daily lives against a back drop of small town wranglings over community windfarm funds, shenangians with newly arrived Syrian refugees and of course, there’s been a murrrrrder. Desperate Housewives meets The Casual Vacancy on the West Coast of Scotland.


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