An insomniac writes

I’m going to be shattered later as I’m writing this at 7am having been awake since 2am. Insomnia is annoying but I decided a couple of years ago to make use of it. If I can’t get back to sleep in an hour, I get up and write.

So today from 3am to 7am I re-wrote the first ten pages of Book Three, having not touched it for almost six months. I also spent about at least an hour of that time reading mocking articles about Trump on facebook. And I drank six cups of tea.

My initial relief at having sent Book Two to the copy editor a week ago had turned to boredom. Writing has become so ingrained in my daily life I didn’t know what to do with myself. Okay, I could have done housework, but sod that.

Writing distracts me from the daily grind in a way that watching TV doesn’t do any more and an added incentive had presented itself: notification of my first Amazon royalty payment for Daughter, Disappeared. It’s been so long coming I’d almost forgotten writing isn’t just something that was costing me money (editing, design, advertising)… it is now an official income source. That’s a pretty big incentive to keep going with Book Three. Especially since I went…ahem… clothes shopping yesterday. Goodbye royalties, it was nice knowing you briefly…

However, it was appropriate that I spent part of my first book payment on a new dress: it’s for a reading of a chapter from Daughter, Disappeared in Waterstones, Convent Garden, London on 3 February 2017 (WordPress doesn’t seem to have emojis or there’d be a massive smiley face here).



In the meantime, I’ll carry on with Book 3 and look forward to launching Book 2 sometime in March 2017. Here’s wee teaser for it…


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