1. About Trouble in Tunisia

Trouble in Tunisia is a serial blog about time spent from 1996-1999 running a water-sports base on the beach at Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse, and about returning there in 2014 to introduce my sixteen-year old daughter to her blood relatives.


This blog series touches on life for a Westerner in an Islamic country and the freedom of a beach-bum lifestyle. It’s about what happens when someone takes a holiday romance too far.

I’m aiming for the posts to be stand-alone, but it’s probably best to read them in order.



The posts are as follows:

  1. About this blog (this is what you are reading right now)
  2. Bottles in the graveyard
  3. A village far, far away
  4. But she doesn’t speak Arabic…
  5. Not without my daughter
  6. The first lie he told me
  7. A surreal wedding
  8. Telling my mum I’d got married
  9. I’ve always wondered what a foreign prison would be like
  10. It’s fun being a beach bum
  11. The man who fell from the sky
  12. The day I skinned a rabbit
  13. Tri-lingual birthday cakes
  14. Anxiety
  15. Losing it
  16. Solitude, part one
  17. Solitude, part two
  18. Memories of Tunisia – Ramadan

If you enjoy these blog posts, you might want to consider my debut novel, Daughter, Disappeared, a hard-hitting ‘women in jeopardy’ thriller, set in Tunisia. Please read the reviews on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2eCnZRf. Or purchase on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2ozbGe8.

Bespoke book cover art example from coverness.com

There’s also my facebook page: Fiona MacBain – Writer – thank you!

2 thoughts on “1. About Trouble in Tunisia

  1. These little snippets of a life lived to date are really enjoyable to read Fiona. You often wonder what route life would take if you had bitten the bullet and gone with what your heart says. I’m glad you did. You have your beautiful daughter and sharing your wonderful and I’m sure at times heart wrenching memories and now have the life in which your content, deeply loved and actually dipping your toes into a different world , that of writing.


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