Daughter, Disappeared

daughter-disappeared-bookbalance-promoLove, death, culture clash, escape… past and present collide in this gripping story of family bonds and survival.

1994: Jane has no idea of the horrors in store when she plunges into a new life in North Africa with her recently discovered sister, Crystal. When she falls in love with Ali, she believes happiness is within her grasp. But Ali persists in digging into the secrets that Crystal and her brutal husband have been protecting, and Jane’s idyllic life is overturned and filled with danger. How far will Jane go to save herself and her sister?

2013: Almost twenty years after rebuilding her life back in London, Jane’s fragile peace is destroyed when her daughter, Anna, disappears to Tunisia in search of her father. Jane goes after her, desperate to prevent her falling into the clutches of the people Jane escaped from all those years ago.

This ‘women in jeopardy’ thriller is an emotional roller coaster for anyone who loves a fast-paced, hard-hitting drama.

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