Indie Author To Do list

I started writing this at 5.30am, having spent the previous hour working through my ‘writer’s’ To Do list. It’s quite long – and writing another book isn’t even on it.

One of the tasks is finishing a script for an Xpo North promo clip, which I’ve promised to do for a long time to thank them for the support they’ve given me on my self-publishing journey – including work-in-progress editorial reports, sessions with a self-publishing consultant when I was clueless (I still am but now I at least know what it is I’m clueless about), and funding to travel to the London Book Fair. I’ve been putting this off because I dislike seeing myself on video. I used to feel like that about photos, too, but I’ve managed to get over that and embrace selfies with a who cares what I look like mindset. But when the visual is coupled with hearing my voice … arrrgghhh. Still, it’s got to be done.

My list also contains advertising related tasks… one is to do a facebook post about my books being back in stock in the Highland Bookshop, Fort-William, the first batch having sold out in a matter of days… and another being to prepare a promotion of Daughter, Disappeared. Every 90 days Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to discount your ebook, and Daughter, Disappeared is eligible again. I’m going to try a reduced price rather than a free promotion in the spirit of experimentation. But this involves writing a host of facebook posts and tweets to put out over the duration of the promotion. Unless you tell people about it, there’s no point doing it. Rather like writing a book – is there any point if nobody is going to read it? That’s an interesting question for another day…

I also have to finalise my talks for the Ness Book Fest in October 2017, which I’m excited about. I’ve been asked to speak about my books and the stories behind them – and also to participate in a panel on self-publishing. I think the full programme will be revealed soon – there are loads of fabulous events lined up – 5-8 October in Inverness!

The last task on the list is a lovely one – to reply to a couple of messages from people who want to buy signed copies of my book, then parcel them up ready to go to the post office. I received new stock yesterday – 24 more books!


By 7am what have I finished from my To Do list? Nothing.

But I’ve written this blog post, which wasn’t on the list. And now it’s time for the day job… Never mind, the weekend is almost here.



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