Book Review: Glasdrum by Fiona MacBain

Loved reading this review of my Highland thriller Glasdrum. Thanks to Kelly!

Kelly is Reading

GlasdrumGlasdrum by Fiona MacBain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Life is not easy for the women of Glasdrum… A skeleton is unearthed, too many walkers are falling to their deaths off mountain cliffs, and the local pub doesn’t know how to make a decent raspberry daiquiri. Single mother Megan is a hill runner and cannabis dealer, an unlikely friend of well-to-do Finella, whose confident appearance hides struggles with her unpleasant husband and unruly children. Vicky is Finella’s child-minder, and when Finella’s husband starts digging about in her past, he discovers she has a secret. How far will she go to protect it? Glasdrum is a culture shock to Londoner Sarah, but she finds friendship with local journalist Catriona, recently returned to her hometown but haunted by memories from her past. The women battle through daily life while the spectre of death looms over the town. Could one of them…

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