Book 3 progress

I’m having a weekend of nothing but writing the sequel to Glasdrum, and after the first seven hours I have mixed feeling about how it’s going.

One the one hand, after several weeks of painful early morning plotting, I have at last got the whole story for Book 3 mapped out – and this is a huge relief. I had worked out a rough outline already, but as I got to about a quarter of the way through writing the book, I realised I couldn’t go any further until I had finalised the story’s direction and what was going to happen at the end.

I’m pleased because I think it’s my most ambitious book so far, with three plotlines interwoven and a considerable amount of relationship drama. The characters feel alive and I’m excited about getting back to writing the first draft – I just have to work out a few more bits of back story of some of the history between the characters, and timelines for some of the ‘bad stuff’ that’s going to happen. Because they are going to have a tricky old time in Glasdrum in 2016!

On a less positive note, I had a quick read through what I’d written to date on the first draft – and recoiled in horror from my laptop.  

There’s an analogy I like about writing a book being like building a sandcastle. The first draft is about shovelling piles of sand into a heap, then you later chisel it into a fine castle. Well, I think my heap of sand has had several toddlers stomping about on it, kicking it all over the place. Probably best if a high tide washes it away and I start again!

Lots of work ahead but progress is being made, slowly but surely.

Contemplating building a sandcastle on Camusdarroch Beach, near Mallaig, the setting of much of Glasdrum.

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