Looks don’t matter, right?


What’s the deal with people posting motivational quotes saying that what you look like on the outside isn’t important, ‘it’s what’s on the inside that matters’ (against a sunset backdrop, a long-haired silhouetted girl staring into the distance). Yet their next post is promoting an expensive brand of skin care, a tiny tub of basic aqueous cream with the addition of 0.0000001% seaweed, turmeric and diamond, ‘to make your skin sparkle.’ Hmmm. I just don’t get it.

Although…I do consider my GHDs to be essential…

4 thoughts on “Looks don’t matter, right?

  1. Haha! This makes me laugh so much – the picture that is! I will never stop being jealous of the fact that your hair can do that while mine will forever stick to my head and continue to disappear! How you look is important just not ‘the’ most important thing.


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