Champagne for breakfast while Syria starves


Instead of giving each other Christmas presents, my husband and I treated ourselves to one night in a 5-star hotel. We were pretty chuffed there was ‘help yourself’ champagne as part of the breakfast buffet and I thought it was kind of funny it was the day of the ‘any alcohol will kill you’ headlines, so I posted this photo on facebook for a laugh.

It was only afterwards, on closer inspection, I realised the other headline on the same paper, which is just visible behind the champagne, was about Assad starving people in Syria. I had seen the headline but am ashamed to admit I didn’t read that article, with the photo of the emaciated child, because I was too busy munching my way through a third plateful of buffet, having not quite finished everything on the first two plates.

It was a sobering thought. What an unbalanced world we live in.

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